Smile Through The Storm

To be happy and jolly when things are moving in tandem with our dreams and plans is easy to come by. But what happens when the storms of life hit hard? What happens when youur dreams are getting shattered right before your eyes? what happens when life seems tough and hard? What happens when you have all the qualifications and yet you don’t seem to get a chance?
Would you be worried and anxious? Or would you be restful and praiseful knowing God is still on the throne? If he’s done it for others, he will do it for you!

As we approach the end of the year, It becomes imperative to begin to take stock of progress made so as to finish well and strong. But just in case some projects are hanging and with all you can see, there seems to be no way you could accomplish them. I want to encourage you and let you know that God still works wonders. He can turn the worsts of all situations around for your good.
Just hold on. God has got it all in control.

Jesus slept through the boisterous storm – to show you and I that he’s the God that brings calmness to the storms of life. You can’t be wrong following his lead.

He did it again for Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego – He insulated them from the fire in the burning furnace. If only you could imagine how the fire killed the soldiers who took the 3 hebrew boys  to be burned in the furnance, then you would comprehend the intensity of the fire and how God turned it to an air-conditioned room to provide comfort for his own.

Again he did it for Daniel in the Lion’s den – It wasn’t some Lamb’s den but LION’s den. If you have seen one you know what those creatures look like. But God – the mighty and great one converted the Lions to a pillow for his servant. What about Paul and Silas – The chains they were bound with all got off when they started to praise in the midst of the storm! There is no doubt God still works in the New testament like he did in the Old testament.

You are next in line for a miracle! Smile and rejoice through your storms cos’ God has got it all in control. He’s faithful to his promise. He would surely bring his promise to fulfilment in your life! As long as you walk uprightly and justly with him.

The title of the song I would love to share with you today is ‘God on The Mountain’ by Lynda Randel of the Gaither Homecoming.

Be encouraged.

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